uber wannabees

The romanian version of idle!


QuoteActive idling since 2004
new squad imo
their website actually looks nice
plz meen ruokkixelle
Romanians just like to copy, they also had the "Extreme Masters" LAN last year, which had nothing to do with the "Intel Extreme Masters" tournament earlier that year, but I guess you can see how equal both names are..
lets ban the romanians from world shall we?
I dont really think copying is a sin ;p
ti nimaš za šolo al kaj?
če sm bolan wtf
pol pa vredu
hitro se pozdravi.. =)
nope.. guy on pic is way to old...
i hope they die from superaids
look itz mentalitet loL
romans are pretty cool tbh
they have better sponsors then idle.ee!

thats better idle imo!

and btw nobody cares
what a retards, clanbase should force then to rename to retard-gaming

idle.ro > idle.ee
wtf counter strike?!
CS clan ? try #care :)
their clan looks serious
everyone wants to be idle dont they?
OMG, fuck CS !!!!!
Mhm ... I like CS. Entertainable waste of time.

And "idle" happens to be a very common word in english, that just happened to be famous for you, you etpro maniacs, because of idle.EE.

guesswho ... "interesting" comment
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