I guess i'm the bitch in torrent world.

Anyone else sick of torrents?

I think i need to sign up to one of these fancy news groups, even a private tracker would be better than this.

I didn't used to care if my download speed was 30 kb/s: my max was 120 and i could only upload 15 - i limited it aswell, which is naughty, but i didn't see the point in turning my browsing experience into torture for such low speeds. Downloading 8 gig of lost and quake 4 made me think different. I got my connection upgraded thanks to the fine folk at blueyonder, so my uploads now a healthy 40kb/s, and i'm no longer happy letting people leech from me.

Sometimes i lie in bed, and dream of what it would be like to see torrents come down at 500 kb/s, the thrill of not being able to blink without missing a 0.1% increase in my 2 gb d/l. Ok, so maybe i'm not quite that sad, yet, but i would prefer seeing large downloads - which are sufficiently popular so that high speeds would be possible - come down to me faster than a crippled geriatric. I suppose i'm really talking to myself; all those guys who haven't been upgraded, limiting their net so they can browse, it's those guys, that guy i was, they're the problem.

So i guess the question isn't do you use torrents, it's how do you use them =o)?

Are you the guy with the limit, or the guy who's eyes fill with tears when he sees his beautiful connection wasted? - I think i've figured out the problem though, new torrents with 1 seed and 1 billion leechers are NOT the win.


If only that would happen all the time, i'd be a happy little boy =o(.
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