omg, i just got back from shg about 10 hours late. Sunday got pissed which meant i over slept and missed my flight. I had to buy another ticket (£200) which sent me hopping from airport to airport changing planes all the time with no food and a bad ass hangover.

Was truely awsome weekend though.

Would like to say thanks to lot of people:

All of my GiB teammates (chapter, solomon, mumm, deepra, alex, herbal, jonno, recruit) and a special thanks to k0wn, our team mate who couldnt come with us, but he was great support for us while we were there. <3

Mrs Mumm-Ra (our drinks and sugar products sponsor. I didnt get to meet her, but i love her all the same)

Chapters Girlfriend (Who makes the best home made burgers ever, and also our sandwich sponsor and a very nice host)

Darky (O'Mandy)

Potter the poker luckor







All of the admins and crew (a very smooth and well ran event)

Xlien (hope i spelt that right?)


All of the ET teams who attended the event



All of the people who were messaging us in irc over the weekend wishing us luck etc.

There are more but I am so tired i cant think right now. So thanks to all the people i forgot to put on this list.

People i dont want to thank are the counter strike guy opposite me who took his shoes off on sunday morning, and the guy a few seats to his left who refused to use a microphone and just shouted at the top of his voice.

Video footage and all of the GiB photos will be uploaded soon.

Now i must sleep ....
where is harry? :<
Sleep tight mate, good game @ the LAN itself
in Hogwart .. LoL simply easy

just got back from the Lan and had a great weekend.

Thanks to all of the people Munchies has already mentioned for making it such a good time

Would like to add a shout to the Kapow team who always had smiles on their faces and helped make it a fun event.

Would also like to add that the shots we were buying had nothing to do with Munchies missing his flight

Cheers to everyone who went

wp hope you had fun m8, i certainly did, and it was fun meeting you team GiB :). 3rd consolation prize wasnt bad at all, you guys won more than we did and we came fifth. But it was well deserved and i hope to meet such a friendly team again.
for those who dont know i played in a clan with solomon when i was lowskill (still am ;) )
Hey.. You didn't send out greetings to me cause i refused to drink a shot with you? j/k It was nice to see you again! I hope you enjoyed the taxi drive last night... hahahha
omg christa, how could i forget you?

Was great to meet up again, hopefully see you at the next lan.

I dont remember much of the taxi ride. I blame Darky because it was his idea to start doing shots. Oh Mandy!
Hahaha.. well If you knew the story about the shots thursday night, and how i felt friday... Trust me, You would never have offered me one :D
LOL.... u`re all funny guys tbh, i would have loved to go out even longer :-) next time in vienna i assume!!
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