new keyboard

omg look at it, it rocks!


EDIT: purple > red & blue :D

ye it rox
no, Saitek Eclipse II

i've bought it 10€ :d
shit quality
the pictures ofc!
i've take them with my sony ericson w810i :p
tarantula better ofc
Is that the keyboard you and Tron were talking ab00t? i want a pic of the noodle xDDDD
mine random > all
i am also thinking bout buying a new one.
anyone got expiriences with that one (Raptor Gaming K2):
image: 0473145

Raptor Gaming K2 / Razor Tarantula / Logitech G15 r my favourite right now (in that order), dont care bout prize...
trust slimline > * € 20, for plastic and € 30, for allu

small, light and easy keys.

I'm happy with it =]
die heb ik ook, ownage! (mytho ook trouwens)
=] hijs fijn.
why would i want to buy a "gaming" keyboard lol, just get a logitech normal one
cause of the long key-response-time of common keyboards and if u get bored of no reaction after u pressed the fifth key at the same time (not often but it happens)
Was meinst Du mit "key-response-times"?

Und dieser Blockier-Effekt hat nur was mit dem Aufbau dem Aufbau/ der Funktionsweise der Tastatur zu tun. s.:
Alle Tastaturen mit diesem Matrix-Aufbau können also dieses Problem haben, aber bei welcher Tastenkombination es auftritt, hängt nur davon ab, wo die Matrizen liegen. Dementsprechend kann man sich auch die Tasten legen, damit man soviele Tasten wie möglich zur Verfügung hat.

Ich würde also nicht davon ausgehen, das eine Tastatur, wo "gaming" draufsteht in irgendeiner Art und Weise besser ist als eine billig Tastatur. Man sollte es vorher testen.
omg, lets call it the time which u need to press down a key. at common keyboards theres a gap of about 2mm to 4mm. gamer boards r comparable to notebook´s keyboards. We r talking bout a delay of 1mms to 20mms. the difference is not bigger. but what that difference can affect is like the difference CRT & TFT!
And its a fact that A "non-gamer-keaboard" cannot work with more than 4 keys pressed at the same time. Some boards have probs if u press more than 2 keys.
sry 4 my english, but if u ever played with a keyboard like the Razor u know that its extrmely different, imo better, feeling!
You could have better spend the money on a better camera rofl :)

BUt ehm USB keyboard SUCK! and COMPACT layout sucks 2.
Dunno if yours is either of these cuz the pics are to sucky but hell
Cherry > all.
End of discussion.
I prefer the logitech ones but i got toshiba xD
g15 > all
g15 > all
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