2 years pzz!

I'm very happy to tell u that pzz is lifing for 2 years already :P For alot of clans it's hard to pass the 2 weeks barrier, we have succesfully passed the 2 years barrier!

paparazzi started on 11 March 2005 as a 3on3 clan with me, Option and Drunk - Later on we randomly invited EuroCup/NationCup players :P to mix a bit around. The first time if was very succesful and great to mix with some nice players - Players such as ae, jafo, T-Shot (happy bday!) MorbiT, Christa, AzA, mesq and alot more played some fun matches with us together. In the end of August, pzz decided to fall back and stop mixing as alot of players of course prefered to play with there own team. Later on we started inviting for 2 times, but both didn't work out.

We played some cups together, some of them with nice mixed teams, some of them with 2 or even 3 mixed up paparazzi teams, but we never ended really high in any of these cups. The players who I can remember played for us in several cups are BuLL, pr0ph3cy, Worm, srph, fazz, zeto, lioco, mesq, anim, asmo, Ati_, Clown and alot of others who I surely forgot.

We also played in the last 3on3 OpenCup together with xet, Kan0wne, but after I went inactive during the christmas days until the start of february, we couldn't finish it and had to drop out after reaching the playoffs.

Last Sunday we succesfully passed our 2 years barrier and we are still rolling, but not playing active anymore. We might start it up again, but I have no clue if it will work out in the future. I'll try to get a team up and rolling for the upcoming 3on3 OpenCup soon to be announced !

I'm happy we passed our 2 years barrier, we were wnb sth, but we loved to play like it! Happy Birthday paparazzi!
call the news paper!
2 years, what a newschooller age :)

happy birthday!
Congratz NxM, keep it up
the tag last 2 years not the team...
tbh :) nice 2 years pzz!

greets qurtje
xxje voor NxM
hoi NxM
heh HB, yesterday I was looking at the pzz cb page :P
ye forget me, pfff
Defix will get 2 years old soon as well :)
sth is older ;p 14.02.2005. - 14.02.2007 -> 2 years and 1 month exactly!
never heard of pzz
boozze 5 years
forget me, fucker :o
4 years max
reviving a name after its been dead for 1,5 years does not mean it lasted for 2 years
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