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hi i have just recently come back to et after a year out and im trying to recreate my old cfg wonderd if any1 here could help me with a script i used to have.

bassicly when i crouched it went to fov 100 and cg_drawgun 0
and when i released crouch it went back to my defult settings.

any ideas ?

thanks alot in advance
like you could play with that
WOW, nice, how did u do that?
got it of a website that is down now :<
seta crouch1 "+movedown; cg_fov 100; cg_drawgun 0"
seta crouch2 "-movedown; -movedown; cg_fov x; cg_drawgun 1"
bind c "+vstr crouch1 crouch2"

like that? replace x with whatever your fov is.
Why would you want that? :<
bind c "+vstr crouch nocrouch"
seta crouch "+movedown; cg_fov 100; cg_drawgun 0"
seta nocrouch "-movedown; cg_fov x; cg_drawgun 1"
thanks alot guys :) i want it because i play 120 fov and long range shooting is impossible and i dont crouch lame in 1v1 so makes no diffrence to me
Perhaps you should use a lower default FOV and start crouchlaming. :O)
Download your own config from your profile, and there it is!
that sounds a bit weird with fov changing everytime you crouch :o
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