Parodia Hans Zimmer Song

Could someone pls send me the Hans Zimmer vs Lambretta (Loxodonte mix) song from the Parodia movie?

i want it too!
Can't find it on Limewire :(
I didn't find it too :-)
i want it too :(
i have it !
Serieus axel?:D Stuur hem ff naar xfRd :) dan krijg ik hem wel
"Lambretta - Chemical" Is the original.
Okee, i'll try searching that, thnx <3
I got it :) I'll host it for u:)
oo oo me too, me too! :)
i'd like to find the end credits song, by Ike Yoshihiro

E: found it
anyone hosted it yet then?
pls upload this invisible song... ;/ google dont see it, emule & bearshare too ;/
k i've got this song :> anyone is still looking?:> pm me
2016 here, anybody got the song?

This intro:

I don't want to dl it from that yt video, anyone got original quality version, or at least Hans Zimmer's song title? Checked all Black Hawk Down songs, but that's not it.
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