Just passed my driving theory test! Got 33/35 on the multiple choice questions and 59/75 for the hazard perception test!

Didn't even revise shit for it!!! *does the happy dance*
congrats mate :)
I think anyone that fails the theory test shouldnt be allowed within 10m of a car lol
well... the theory test isn't that easy in sweden :<
congrats :]
In our country ( estonia ) u cant pass teh driving test if you will not give to the instructor "extra money for nothing" :(
nice good congrats
i dont know how hard it is to pass your driving theory test in your country, but its supereasy in germany.
In soviet russia test passes you
gratz mate!
lol u missed so many? u wouldn't pass it here in finland :D
how much did u pay 2 them? xD
so thats why britain has worst drivers in the world, u pass with such scores :p
hehe, a pass is a pass for me! I actually thought I was going to fail my hazard perception because I'd never tried it. There were some supertards on the clips too, I wanted to start swearing at them :D
u wouldnt pass it in poland with 59/75 :O
in germany either imo
its only shows that est is retarted :p
nope only with money
to be fair theory is piss easy
its multiple guess, eg

Q What do you do if you see a man dying in a pool of blood by the side of the road?

A Honk your horn and grin whilst shouting encouragement
B Stop nearby and dial for an ambulance
C Buy him a sandwich

Ehm, I would buy him a sandwich :D
i'll buy a sandwich fo sho :o
nice one mate, i got mine on the 28th. I've revised though:D
oh noez! another crazy man on the street! save your life! run!

congratulations! :)

I got 31/35 and 57/75 :)

My test is in may
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