Going to France..

hi, im going to france tuesday and i want to see some swear-words.. im going to Lille btw. someone lives there?
I live in paris
just say this:

"you are french", thats enough of an insult
I think you're kind of in the wrong place. This community is in english, the french wouldn't even understand what you're asking.
im sure the french people who are on this site will understand me
putain salope pd
enculer, fils de pute, connard, pd, salope, nique ta mère, tête de bite, petite crotte de nez ambulante :D
petite crotte de nez ambulante
lol xD
maybe you see rqmbo irl
go visit shaq and freek :)
I live in lille :p
The greatest french city tbh imo :p
la rochelle > all
Lille isn't interesting at all + they have a very poor french accent !
More than belgium anyway. Go back to school newbje :)

And tbh,having belgium accent is even worst than having to suck dick all days long.

Ps: Video u show is in Pas de calais(62) and Lille is @ 59(Nord) and this isnt the same "accent", alors tg newbie IRL ;)

Poor jealous wallon ppl :( Flamands ftw :]

And NO i dont live in North of France=)
I'm not from Wallonia and also not from Flanders, I'm From Brussels (like my flag says), so now go back to school to learn something located outside from France one time in your life.

Have you ever visited Belgium ? Because I have already visited Lille and I think, I am not saying random bullshit sentence like you are doing.
Yes i did.

And ROLFOFLFOLFOFLFOL that u say underlign that belgium sux most that i expected :(

And btw, in school we just teach story of glorious countries, so we didnt study belgium sry :<.

Ps: My dick is bigger than yours.
stop sentence like "belgiium sux" only guy who is suxing here it's you. Now go back to the kindergarten.
agree with jeje

par contre l'accent belge c'est pas mieux :D

En même temps il y a personne qui parle comme ça en Belgique.

Par contre a Lille http://youtube.com/watch?v=ViSmxZESmmE http://youtube.com/watch?v=uOCBAYLqFRA
damn les francais sont marginales xD

on the other hand:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzKuaQky4Ms hehehe
"En même temps il y a personne qui parle comme ça en Belgique."


mmairlot (3 weeks ago)
Ce genre de personnages existe réellement ... J'en ai rencontré. Il suffit d'aller dans les zones un peu rurales aux alentours de Liège (ici Verviers) et de parler avec les fermiers. Heureusement, tous ne sont pas comme ça, et, même pour nous Belges et Liégeois de surcroît, ces individus restent un bon sujet de plaisenterie. Les baufs n'ont pas de frontières, lingusistiques, naturelles ou territoriales.
c'est de l'humour jeje, c'est de l'humour :)

déja vu ce reportage, il fracasse.

Hors-sujet mais a voir egalement : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb2SnR2CoWs
dont live there but i went there on vacation , the place is so nice man , all historical things and they have uber choco wafels there !!!
Don't you know "les bétises de cambrai" ? :D
Jeje go to school plz lille is not in pas de calais where the video has been filmed :o
I live in lille and nobody talks like this man :x
I know some guys in Lille, they speak with a very similar accent so..
wait wait wait ? YOU, knowing ppl ? I lol'd.
They are boloss then :x
i went to lille with school, it suck, ugly girls :/
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