Battle of Wolken1 [Beta 1]

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OK it's finally here, the real proper public release of Wolken1:

Battle of Wolken1: First Encounter


After a month of exploring the land of Wolken, Allied forces have uncovered an Axis base in Southern regions. Located within this base is a prototype of a new weapon named Turmfaust, first seen in development back on Earth before the 'incident', which is to be test fired some time today. Allies are planning to sabotage this test fire and try halt the deployment of this new weapon on the battlefield.


1) Defend the forward spawn from invading Allied forces.
2) Prevent the Allies from destroying the main entrance.
3) Defend the side entrance from Allied engineers.
4) Stop Allied engineers from building the command post.
5) Defend the Turmfaust prototype cannon from Allied sabotage.

Screen shots

All screen shots can be found at the Battle of Wolken site.

Change List

Allies first spawn now moved back into the building where it once was.

Map time limit now 15 minutes not 30 like in _cpc (my bad).

Spawn times now 30/20 axis/allies.

A new route been added from main to side.

The objective room has been redesigned.

The drop down ladder has been removed.

The 'crouch bug' has been removed at main.

Ladders have been fixed inside the bunker.


ET-CUP Mirror
ET Stuff

Additional Information

The map has been optimised for 3 on 3 play and is only at beta1 stage so if you spot anything wrong please contact myself so I may rectify any problems that occur.

looks better Chris m8 wp
will do a 3v3 cup this sunday or next monday!
Sounds like a plan, look forward to seeing it happen.
the bridges and triforce symbols are so nice <3
hmm what are the changes to wolken1_cpc ? and which one will be played in OC 3v3 ? on clanbase site its still the cpc version...
This version (wolken1_b1) will be played, unless a newer version is released. I do not anticipate significant changes being made to the b1 version in terms of gameplay though.

Changes to the CPC version are:

- Allies first spawn now set significantly further back from the main door and side entrances, with a new room and tunnel through to where they previously spawned, to reduce the chaos of the first stage.
- New passage through axis team door from main gate spawn to side entrance (command post).
- Redesign of the Turmfaust area (final objective) to reduce the spamminess of that stage and make it more interesting (hopefully).
- The drop-down/ladder directly into the turmfaust room has been removed, since it only served to make the map spammy and chaotic.

Sorry if I got the reasoning wrong or missed anything, Chris!
:) gg the other day
nice 1 mate
fucked up a good map
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