Hi guys ( & girls )

I've got a problem with my Messenger...

I use always Windows Live Messenger... But when I started the computer this morning...There happened something strange...AND, I need your help guys!

Look, This Happened!

Normally there is a pink line above the picture of the screen ( schermafbeelding ) ,
but, today it was suddenly blue :/
The second strange thing was that there was no picture, just that MSN man !
My address wasn't filled in, and neither was my password.

I thaught: like WTF!
Well, I filled in that stuff, but it went so slowly...
I pressed on 'aanmelden' ( connect ) and it gave this problem :
'The connection at Windows Live Messenger ' isn't finished, because the service isn't avi for the time. Try it later again.
Fault Code : 8004888d

I tried it at 13.00 & 14.00 h again, but it still didn't work...
My brother has also internet ( on the same line as me ) , and his MSN DOES work!

Can someone help me ?
Write a message to me ( inbox ) if you will help me!

Thanks in advance!
x Sam !
you thaught ?
typ in bij google.nl

foutcode 8004888d
LOL msn???? xfire & irc ftw???
I don't use it for looking opponents ...
It's for chatting with friends, dude
Dacht je nou echt dat ik serieus bezig was? ;<
Met u wete nooit ;)
well that might be because live messenger sux totally, you should use 7.5 like us smart people
u should use gaim like actual smart ppl
thats for linux zomg
nope, also for Windoze
doesn't work either
format C:
Remove Windows Live Messenger and install it again.

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