advice needed :<

got drunk last night and had to trow over alot...
this is the first time i puked @ home so i want to know how to
get that fucking smell away since my parents are comming home
any minute now.
I already used my parfume, by opening the window, ...

smash perfumes on the floor np
smoke in the room
only noobs throw up - so i can't help you what to do about it, since i'm no noob :<
Wait till my party baby then we will see how´s a noob :D
yeah baby yeah . i will make some pics about you drunk and get raped by a midget >:) moehahaahhahaha.
Leave your house ASAP
burn your house down?
Just say, you are feeling sick, and fake.
don't laugh bitch :D
use febreze or anything similar!

image: Febreze_1L
That stuff is teh pwNage!
Oh please, the first thing that comes in your mind when you smell febreze is that your kid went out, came home drunk and puked the shit out of your house
if you spray that stuff and open the windows afterwards you will smell simply nothing.
at least it works with cannabis!
officially tested by me!
Ga poepen en laat de deur open lekkere stank als je daarna de kotslucht niet meer ruikt pak je parfum en spuit je de hele kamer onder
Just say you felt sick and got sick...

They will be like, "awwww poor little son" :(
mostly if i say that to my mom she dont realy carew a shit tho
The smell stays for atleast 2 days
puking is overrated
Act as if youre still drunk and they'll laugh at you. Got my experiences on this one
but my mom already knows, she was still up when i was to sick to stay teh partyZ.
she lold at me :<
but my dad is a madman :< if he knows then i'm owned
then i'm not aloud to go out untill i reach the age of let's say 30?
lol first time (and only time) I trowed up at home my parents were laughing at me :P
run away
spray the room with hairspray

gasoline + lighter
brash ur t33th
parents got home!
and lolzomg my dad didn't smell it
i've been cleaning from like 10 o'clock so i'm tired
it fucking cost me the half of my new boss parfume :<
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