My side of the Beer story

As some of you might have noticed, i tossed Toss' beers when building a pyramid.

However, he conviently forgot to add the real reason.

So here is my side of the story and the after pic.

We are in this typical dutch bar. I bought a round first, so as we were also with a bunch of guys who didnt quite get the principal of everyone buying rounds, Tosspot decides to do a round, but for a limited amount of ppl.

So we are in this semi-basement thing. Toss orders the 7/8 beers, i pile them up into a nice little pyramid.
Then Toss wants to pay for his beer and offers his credit card. So a few start laughing as we know that you seriously cant pay for beers in such an oldschool cafe.

So in my deepest sympathy, i decide to give toss some money so he could pay for the beers. As i get up, i bumped the table and BAM, the pyaramid is gone and we have only 3 good glasses left.

So if tossie would have studied the dutch culture a bit more and knew about that credit cards dont get you everywhere, then i wouldnt have to get up to reach for my wallet. So go study about the dutch!

Beer Before
The red arms is me, in the back you see sizah (technical director of fnatic)
Beer After
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