Marta <3

That`s the name of my sister. Today she died on a painfull way, 4 years she tried to fight against the bone-cancer called "Ewing Sarkom", finally she failed and she has fallen asleep like an angel, because the cancer attacked her lungs. I held her hand the whole night, she died in my parent`s arms, I guess without any pain, because she was filed with morphine. I don`t know why I`m posting this @ crossfire, but I think she deserves even every respect on this world, because of the fact she had some horrible last years, 4 years she had every day and every night the same pain...She was my brave little girl, even if she was/is 5 years older, she died one day after her birthday, which she wanted to celebrate soooo much with all her friends and her family (14.04.1984). I`m looking forward to see her soon in heaven & ESPECIALLY today in my dreams (i can`t define the feeling, but I feel her presence in my room - anyways we had the srongest relation there could ever be), if a person deserves a place in heaven, then she will be the one who deserve it the most, in her life she never did bad things and never hurt other peoples, she was just my lovely little girl which always wanted to have her family and friends arround. I`m in deep mourning, even I can`t understand why god is taking so beautiful & lovely people into heaven.

I hope that you (the community) can pray a bit for her & you don`t think that I´m trying to get attention or anything like that. I`m sorry for the grammar-mistakes, I`m just shaking all the time and I`m deeply deprest & hurted because of this situation.

<3 my little honey MARTA! (R.I.P. I`m always there if you need me) & best wished to all of you, your families and even those who`re at the same situation as me and other families.
R.I.P :(
sad story, i hope she has a better life now

Mein Beileid Virtu ...

ich will mit garnicht vorstellen wie du dich jetzt fühlst, deine schwester wegen dieser scheiss Krankheit zu verlieren ...

RiP :(
mein beileid :<
ich hoffe sie ist jetzt an einem besseren ort...

my condolences
Sry man .. r.i.p
R.i.p :<<<<
ah man sorry to hear that.

My condolences go out to you and your family.

mein beileid an dich und deine familie
traurige sache
I'm really sorry to hear about ur sister, hopefully she's in a better place than the one that we live in. rip
That she may now rest in peace :(
Such a sad story.

My condolences go out to you and your family.
mein beleid!

meistens denkt man immer , warum muss das gerade einer so nahen Person passieren , naja aber die Antwort wird man nie bekommen

Mein Beileid virtu
mein Beileid!
Mein Beileid...
R.I.P ! :O(
r.i.p =<
rip mate :'( it was so sad for me to read this...
tut mir echt leid für dich man

rip, condolences to you and your family
mein beileid!
rip :<
RIP, good luck to you and your family.

duzy zal :( r.i.p

nie opuszczaj glowy kolego :-(
mein beileid virtu

auch mein beileid. habe vor 2 jahren ähnliches durchmachen müssen.

halt sie in ehren aber ich rate dir, vergiss nie dich selbst.


du weisst..wenn du labern willst bin ich da..k ?
she's ugly... and looks kinda like a gipsy too :(
mein beileid!
ich kann mir gut vorstellen was du fühlst, habe ähnliches durchgemacht.
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