anyone can give it to me ???
only functions plz = load to tray and useable keys alt+z

not the other pro shit with other options
Q3 minimizer = better, way faster etc.
uh why is it better/faster lal?
im sorry but etmin.exe in startup>q3 minimizer
i have q3 minimizer @ startup,

and its faster because u dont have to wait till it reopens ET unlike etmin.exe, it just minimizes / maximizes ET instantly
q3 minimiser rules fast as you can click!
i prefer q3minimizer
oasis_benchmark anyone ??? google cant make it!
didnt you quit playing et!
I have a little but annoying problem with etmin.exe: When I minimized the game and re-maximize it, there's always a shot fired with the currently selected gun (=+attack/mouse1). E.g. when I'm on ETTV, I also always switch the specced player. In trying to get rid of this, I unbound all the three keys I have to press (CTRL/Shift/Y), but that didn't help. Anybody knows about this problem and what to do to solve it?
open console before minimising :)
Thanks, that's a much nicer solution than the one I found. :) Btw, that solution was "/unbind mouse1" xD For some weird reason, mouse1 seems to be activated when minimizing and maximizing again.
Q3 minimizer, you can also use it for rtcw, quake 1 2 3 ,...
gimme link of it plz. :)
going to play ET again?
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