Yesterday night :O (Black Metallers only imo)

Another nice show in the country: Verloren, Paragon Impure (2 belgian supports) and then to the real great bands, Archgoat, Behexen and last but not least HELL MILITIA.. (with willy/meyhna'ch from Mütiilation, and members from Vorkreist, Antaeus, Arkhon Infaustus ETC!!!) since Mütiilation is my all time favourite band, i had to see meyhna'ch (now known as willy) live, and guess what: he did what he is already doing for many years now, and that's singing with deep depressing voice, yet so destructive.. The best thing about the evening came while the show was underway, the hall was not so very big and i was in the middle of the hall with ofcourse wearing my fan-boy-suck-my-dick-meyhna'ch-mütiilation-shirt. He recognized the shirt ofcourse and did like it that there were some actually into it (ok it has not been very underground anymore, but well..) he looked at me and gave me a look that he liked it.. after the show he gave me a knock on my shoulder and said i should wait outside.. I did, ofcourse because i do not like Archgoat so much.. Willy showed up after half an hour and he invited me into the bus with some roadies/bandmembers and the great thing was that there was free beer, free music, and that guy that was once part of the so cult underground movement, was now drinking a beer with me.. after an hour or two I left the bus because i had to get on the train, but hey.. that was a great night..

and now come up with your #care..
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