Teh smartestest

So me n my clan was liek playing a random irc srim and the opponents gave us teh ip n pw n stuff, and 3 ppl in our clan or smth couldnt connect to teh server cus there was some wierd map on it.
we trryed everything, cl_allowdownload 0 n stuff.
but it didnt work and we where all liek whining about it cus we couldnt get on,
but Xeon in our clan was teh smartest, he closed ET n just downloaded it from teh inet.
i man OMFG he was so smart that he just downloaded it instead of whining about it,
n afterwards he told us how smart he was n we all where leik WTF LOLOL!? why didnt we think about that!?
So my point is, Xeon is really a smart guy n stuff.

Flame on! ;R

i totally agree. Imo he should get an award for it.

IDD, isnt he liek teh smartestest!?
hmm i hope both your parents die in a car fire.. and yeah i srsly do
you are just leik jealous cus you wasnt that smrt urself !
Its almost done!!
xeOn is the smartest!
need bangbros pw, msg me.
yea, i can't imagine blitz thinking of a brilliant solution like that =P
#care polizei :P
Yes, he is smart!!!!
i think i got our last scene yesterday, we had the last docs in karsiah and were going through the middle with 25 seconds left..... and uhm.. i decided to throw an airstrike, multiteamkill ftw :( :$
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