nations cup :D

skilled 2.55 NC LoL
outlaw <3

everytime a match is held ( prolly in the weekends ) 4 Referee's are on the server, 1 For the Match 1 Totally for getting the crowd quiet and taking matters if needed, and 2 watching the TS if someone comes to pass on information or something else.
Me (fusioN), got a contact on the xfire crew who can watch who comes online or goes offline, i only need to give them the details and i will know who cheats or doesnt.
So do NOT try that because that will get you DISQUALIFIED!

- When Playing on the 64 slots server and spec's CAN Watch, DO Not have your xfire, Skype ONLINE, I got several contacts within the XFIRE Staff who are checkin the players i give them.
dhb outlaw?
for sure!
lets wach together
I wanne wach too!
easy for darkmind =D
;O I play 2.55 I should be playing tbfh!
Team Canada only has one player so far!
Easy bash for me!
Netherlands LavOd.NL
kai.ger be scared ;O
can somebody tell them that there is already 2.60b out ?
2.55 just has a very nice and friendly community!
Atleast that was the reason for me to play for 1.5 years on that patch.
someone kill them
it's just a bunch of people who have just discovered you can ACTUALLY put colour in your name. wahooo
True that!
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