UberCup 4

hi as some maybe noticed there is every saturday a 1on1 cup, this time with 25 € for the winner and he'll get 50 € if he doesnt loose a single round in the cup.
we've also added a new rule against cheaters, every single player thats in the list of busted cheaters of #cheatbusters.et wont be allowed to play, maplist is: multi_huntplace, te_valhalla, ctf_multidemo and mp_sillyctf.
the cup starts saturday 14:00, link: http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php?lid=3978
nice :))
ask perfo
gl kris^ and btw dont switch when your hiding somewhere :D
just wallhack cheater, ffs ban him please
you give your own money for that?:/
no someone else is, but he wants to stay anonymous so... :p
can you blame him? xd
remove mp_sillyctf plz ( =
is it ATI, just like the last time?
nades are allowed?
u can't play.... busted!
allowing nades sounds a bit stupid, and if you can't even selfkill
how u want to kill spawncampers without nades?
was thinking more of objective maps than camphalla
lolololo I joined.

ps. remove multi_huntplace & te_valhalla
1on1 is even worse than 6on6 but gl for all who like it :)
Add a banner and make a better layout and add it to news. Nice idea! GL!
ez bash for lockheed!
I hope he wont see this journal ... xD
i think im gonna be 4th :D
ez bash for mAus
news imo!!!
gotta love clueless rules
everything else is nice
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