need ur opinion

image: ewo1117nn

what do u think ? be honest :!
3 journals in 1 day? Thats awesome.
it's a ufo, isn't it?
Front bumper is like snowplough. This car isn't worth tuning :P
front bumper sucks ;<
its still a penis enlargement car xD
just what i thought XD
i think that i dont care bout fuckin car
just what i thought XD
It's ok, but the front really does suck. :O)
dont tune fiat-vehicles !
but i like the rims !
photoshop work , look @ rims
congrats u are not blind :S:S.s
Potoshop :P Look at the rims
give it a paintjob + bumper doesnt look so well
Nice using 'paint' to edit ur rims ;)
I wanna have a M6 :(

image: AC_Schnitzer_ACS6_M6_2
i could lol about ppl who are pimping such a small car :XDDDD
Imo it looks pretty nice :)
ugly as hell
Its no m3 is it!
sprednja maska je upizdi (imo) pa se FIAT je :/ felge so pa n1 kater model je to? xD
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