ET Ultimate Installer

Newbies know what a mess it is to install ET. You need the main installer, then the patches, etpro, punkbuster, etc.
Since I wasn't completely satisfied by Swine's ET Pack, I decided to release my ET Ultimate Installer.
It features the game (for windows) with the latest patches/pb/etpro, many maps, a nice .cfg ready to use, and ET Server Viewer (imo the best tool for ET).
It should make the install of ET easier for everyone ;)

Readme file


If you see anything wrong or if you think there is something missing, please tell me.
Feel free to add mirrors :)
Well done.
good job
add some hax cvars. so everybody who uses it gets banned!
lol nah gj
YOU ARE MISSING bremen_b2 !
I did it yesterday and bremen_b2 was released this morning :/
update maybe? otherwise its quite useless afaik its going to be new offi map :/
yeah i'll update it when it becomes official map ;)
Anyway, people can still download it while joining a server.
thjey can download all maps while joining server. and etpro also and so on.. if thats what you think its not the right way really :P
I meant by saying this that it can wait a few days since people can download this map easily (btw it's not on many servers atm). I don't want to upload a new 300mb file every time there's a map/pb/etpro update since it takes some time ;)
btw i HOPE you deleted the etkey ;-)
i lol'd

anyway n1 job
yup i did ;)
after 5 years?

anyways well done!
self install > all
beau travail kashu !
useful thing for teh newbies!
If you know any good place where i could upload a big file (300mb), please tell me so I can add more mirrors :)
Go talk to the guys at on quakenet perhaps? They have big ftp's to spare!
Great great great!
added a megaupload link.
you seem to have misunderstood the meaning of an "installer"

I know but i gave this title because i may create a real installer for a next release (I have already some ideas, I now need to create one). For the first release I did something fast but working and covering most of the needs to easily install and play ET ;)
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