cpc2 movie

I need some cool songs for it, its gonna be a lot longer than I thought, got around 13 minutes done so far and I would still need to insert like 20 .avi clips for it. maybe 2-3 more songs could be added for it.

need suggestions and if possible, download link / youtube link for the song.

image: cpc2movie
What's with that Marlboro 'joke' ?
Malboro lights are for pussies seriously.
Smoking is for pussies too.
its an inside joke, that most of the guys who were at cpc2, can explain.

p.s. I dont smoke.
:cough: :cough:

explain me then ?
haha.... ofc u dont!
is there any special kind of music you would like to include? =d
not really, im free to any suggestions. most of the clips I got are senseless without the sounds so I want to add the music to the background having it not too loud so it wont cover the sound from the clips.
cob -rebel yell
nah, dont really like cheaters.
verve - bittersweet symphony ;;f pmme @ irc if you want it
Looking forward to this. Funny that a CPC II movie could be out before the CPC I movie. :P
Or before his personal fragmovie, which has been under production since 2005 or so!
Offspring - self esteem
take this!!!!
- Rise Against - [Rock Against Bush (Vol.1) #09] Give It All
- In Flames - [The Jester Race/Black Ash Inheritance] Acoustic Medley
- Metallica 09. Whiskey in the jar
- Wintersun - [Wintersun #08] Sadness and Hate
rihanna - umbrella
Three days grace - riot
just put some effort in photoshopping..

oh, and the song; Chainsaw dismemberment - fisting till bleeding
when is it gonna be finished?
I better not give any specific date as my plans change a lot usually.
im looking forward to download it
hurry up decem!
TOTO - Africa
marlboro lights x]
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