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After a long period without an Enemy Territory Squad & abstinence of the ET-Community, Germany ultimate - eSports is back in action (again). The former Squad Europe quaNtity (created by England R0SS & Poland me) joined 'uE' to get some support for upcoming online-events & maybe offline-events in near future. I'm pleased to accounce our Roster for the upcoming ET-Season!

¬ Germany ultimate-eSports
» Netherlands NxM (medic)
» Hungary adze (fops/engi)
» Germany nk3 (medic)
» Germany viLLe (medic
» England R0SS (cap) (allrounder)
» Poland virtuj (cap) (rifle)
» Austria jok3 (backup) (rifle/medic)

We're currently participating at the etQcup & CB-Ladder, Cups 'n more will follow for sure.

Idle & support us at #uE.et - Thx for your time, regards, the Europe uE-Team

:: #uE.et at qNet
:: ultimate-eSports.com
gl nick / ross
cu @ cpc3
Quote"kicked by old clan sublime from server - Hype, Nils ... for having acc 51 in end of round"

I swear I raped you the other day in a 3on3 and you disconnected after the first map ..? If you are "R0SS" that is..
gl NxM :l
ban all the other enemys in cups, maybe you will win then
whats up with Schwup ?????????????????? :D
another big mgc getting an et team to get back to their old positions within the et community
gl nxm
gl nk3, fucking crackbitch =)
zerfick sie!!!
Hahahahaha nxm :DDD
Long period? Didn't you announce a new team about 2 weeks ago? :x
R0SS rofl since when can that guy aim?
since the same day, perfos brother started to aim :D

good luck
gl nookie
viel glück meine freunde.
gl virtu und der kleinen biitch <3

uE is wieder on!!!! Coole Sache und das Beste=> der Joke hat seine Finger wieder mit im Spiel!!!:)

Naja viel Erfolg...!

Greets vom Schwupji^^
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