dont work rieellly

ok, this is really starting to piss me off by now. when i open a video its only displayed choppy and with ugly looks. i installed all the codecs and codec-packs i could find but still it doesnt help. thanks in advance its JuL14nKLOL
mplayer is the word you were looking for!
mplayer is the word ive downloaded first after format!
and you are still try to use this codec shit? poor you!
yes, i am still try to fix my problem with downloading more codecs!
ok, keep on doing that!
I'd help you but I won't
ive only installed vlc player once and ive never had any problems
You have the answer in your sentence...

"installed all the codecs and codecpacks ..."

that's why :>
Reinstall or install another version of your graphic card drivers.
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