hax issues may be resolved

Perhaps this is the solution we have been waiting for..
Bill Gates is a Cheatbuster :o
Bill Gates has nothing to do with Intel

But i can't wait for the cheatwhining CPU!
Intel core quatro cheat edition :>
pff always when a new anticheat technology is developed then there will be always cheaters making cheats so the anticheat technology will be useless...

gl intel wasting your time! :>
Agreed, but any attempt to limit or get rid of the cheaters is a good thing. At least it will make it harder to cheat..
The answer is more Lans...
like there would be too many cheater in competitive ET
actually there is.
name 10 guys who have been busted of cheating in clanwars (no randoms, real clans etc)
busted of cheating while playing a clanwar? why would they get busted for that if they use privatehack?

others to mention

keran, shy, perfo, n30, mize, vanq, rocky etc..
keran shy perfo cheat in public server, that doesnt have much to do with competitive gaming.

To be honest, there aren't that many cheaters in clanwars, or if there are they are using so low humanaim values that they cant get any advantage of it.
would actually be a good idea, comparing whats happening on screen to the actual mouse movement...
That would create delay, and delay is never good.
were not dealing with 386's here....
The mouse data could still go direct, and the comparation doesn't need to take place at the exact millisecond. I guess they'll have a separate thread(if you want), or since this is hardware, maybe even an own chip for doing this, and then there won't be any delay.
It's not really possible i thought about it and it can be spoofed easlly too...
you thought about it and say it can be easily spoofed but then refrain giving any explanations whatsoever, gg.
Well if it's done using software then it's easy to spoof, how do you think this "anticheat" gathers the information from your computer?
own drivers? nope, it will use the drivers allready installed in your computer, cheat can be done to prevent it from being read or just send false information to the anticheat tool.
so netcoders are gonna sell haxored cpus ?
hackers will simply use AMD instead, they'll make more profit that way!
agreed, AMD will make more money than intel then
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