TKB Anti Frag Movie -- bits and pieces

Edit: Please don't upload these clips to any video hosting services (stage6, YouTube etc.) or host them on your own server! Let them remain on my FTP for random peep's entertainment.

Drafts don't usually get released, and I don't want this stuff to be widely distributed. Thanks.

- Gaso


Remember the days when RtCW was young, Infensus was dominating the scene and Gunslingers released their first (and only!) movie titled "Commando"? The times when even The Killer Bunnies was alive and kicking? You probably don't. And neither do I.

image: tkblogo

However, I kind of dug around in the old video project folders, and found some bits and pieces of a never-to-be-done masterpiece, TKB Anti Frag Movie. It was started couple months after RtCW hit the stores and was planned to be released somewhere around 2004. Unfortunately it turned out to be one of the most overused jokes in Finnish RtCW scene: people were saying it's coming out around the same time as Duke Nukem Forever. And they were all right. It's never going to be released.

Even so, I thought I'd share some of these files that still remain, even though they're horribly outdated from technical and aesthetic point of views: a lot changes in 5 years.

The first clip was supposed to be the intro of our project. I believe it was done by Maihti over some busy weekend. The main idea was to fuck around on other project's expense: Shaolin Productions' Revolution's over-the-top visual effects and too long end credits were one thing make fun of; Veracious' GMPO's Road to Quakecon was there just for respect; Apicalypse's horrible music and trickjumps were supposed to be made fun of, but for some reason, the whole scene was cut out from this clip. Horrible quality on the whole and pretty drafty otherwise, and I doubt most people ever get the jokes, but it was a pretty nostalgic find:

Anti Frag Movie Intro (103 MB)

The first thing I started doing for the movie was a feelgood-type of scene from TKB-King-game from some season. There was a somewhat heated discussion about the game beforehand, and d0zer stated, that he'll quit playing RtCW if TKB wins. What happened? Follow it through from the clip:

King Scene (138 MB)

I think the King Scene was the only thing that was actually finished for the whole movie. My goal back then was just to do something refreshing, like fluently tell a story within a clip and do some long camrides (no Camtrace or such existed back then). And guess how I did the camrides you see? By driving through the demo with my keyboard! LOL, talk about laborious stuff... I think the editing works quite well despite the age of the clip, even though some of the titles and sound effects make me cringe. The look and feel of this clip was what we were going for with the movie, a gritty WWII-style, desaturated image.

The third scene I found intact was an attempt in making a fragclip based around the theme of aerial frags. I tried some new tricks among other things, and even some form of smooth camrides found it's way into the later parts of the clip. The must have bullettime effect was done in 3DS Max: it rendered for 20 hours on my poor old (back then pretty state-of-the-art) Athlon XP 3200+. I think the edit still works pretty okayish in this clip, even though it's a bit hasty near the end:

Bodies Scene (65 MB)

Anyway, that was pretty much everything I managed to find of the project. Files have been lost, the project got outdated and was more or less buried couple years ago. It was fun making it though. We even got a huge breakthrough idea while watching Area 42's "10 reasons you play Return to Castle Wolfenstein": let's rent some bunny-suits and get crazy in Helsinki! And we did. Unfortunately the video material is a bit too hardcore for the younger viewers, but imagine an RtCW-related version along the lines of Mau's Prick (I am) X.

Anyway, that's all folks! Hope you enjoyed watching the clips, even though they are a bit oldschool. I have to thank Maihti for organizing huge amount of TKB-related activities in the past: if you read this, buddy, luv ya!

- Gaso
Brilliant Gaso, I said this before and will probably say it again: If you are to make a full ET or RTCW movie... if would rule all!
Thanks for the kind words. <3
It's a collection of some draft renderings, and not going to the movies section -- only here for the amusement of some random viewers.
not going to bother
and we are supposed to care because..?
wow been a while since u replied to my comment, thought u actually found something better to do, my bad
you're right.
Nice i remeber ! :D
in 2004 i played medal of honor 24/7!
allied assault still rocks :)
moh:underground :(
post in movie shit plz.
Read the reply to the first post, not going there. :|
TKB <3
Gona download it and keep it!
I still have some ET demo of me owning 3 (!) guys from TKB... or well, I think it's on the old pc which crashed so actually I don't. euuuhumm right
nice clips :)
king clip is teh winnah :D
And award for the Best Shot of the Game goes to: Chris, for his mighty panzerfaust on NE! :P
shot - a man can be proud of !
We should forget the 5-man bunnyfaust he had in the first round...
Haha, very nice clips =D
<3 old movies, nice movies :D
nice clips :))) the bodies scene seems to be more entertaining than anything else i've seen from ET/RTCW
hehe so nice :D
TKB <3 <3 <3
quality is very good for 2003 + the clips show admirable creativity

very nice, even though I didn't play RtCW and I'm not oldshcooler I'm sad that it didn't get finished

Great job !!
Loved all three! :D
very nice and creative man
TKB > *
TKB <3
Good times, indeed.
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