how to install it .. :S??

when I click on the x264.exe it only shows a black screenie for 1 sec

and then when I want to use it in virtualdub its not in the compressions list...

I guess you got a fake one : )
I just downloaded it from www.x264.nl
ye but it isnt working right ? Perhaps you should ask some moviemaker to upload the real one for you
No, the new x264 dosent support virtualdub.

tulloh: some options

1. use meGUI
2. install older version
3. download KKlite new packet

Edit: * Ban Loekino
that's for megui that exe lol,

download mpc + coreavc
idiot. omg
x264.exe is a command line encoder...

it requires parameters to actually do anything. The black text you see only has the following text:


x264 [error]: No input file. Run x264 --help for a list of options.

Therefore it is not a trojan, but just the default behaviour of the app, it's a shame Microsoft's cmd prompt doesn't stay open long enough for you to read this.

Download meGUI and read a guide, and for the love of god do not download KKLite codec part, it's an absolute huge pile of shit that corrupts your video playback.
x264.exe = encoder

megui = gui for that encoder!
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