Nuggan goes pro photgrafer

it lacks editing but it could be nice
taking #### pictures of my girlfriend!!!!!!!! mother#####
NICE I like it
look good
don't spread what I show you, bitch! :(
she's soooo cute :D

anyway the first photo is cool ;)
The choice is yours.
I'd say it's not so tough to take pics about her
why u only took pics with clothes??? :<
without would be much kewler!!11
nuggan is 16, she is 17. Its not legal to take nude pics of girls under 18, and afaik, he needs to be 18 aswell!
since when is it illegal to take nude pics of girls under 18 in swe? :)

*oh and I think the pics would be better if there wasnt as much focus on breasts. You either focus less on it or more on it, now you dont know what its youre supposed to look at. :)
publishing is what i meant!
EDIT: nuggan is 16, what do you think he will focus on? :D
first time i ever hear that u have to be 18 to take nudepics...
every swedish girl are blond wtf
the brightness on the first one wasn't good imo, her stance on the second one was weird, third one was ok
nice stills but needs more work to be produced as a final image . Maybe learn how to use hdr lighting,depth of field/blur techniques and try to fuck about with shutter speeds. keep up the work
nice pics =)
Like we need editing with a girl like that ;)
go pro :>
thats the difference between swidish girls and german girls!
german girls look like men and swidish girls look like.. well, hot girls :P
i love her.

omg i want to live in sweden only fucking nice girls :o
With a girl like that photo's are always nice!
But nicely done poses and shades on the photo's :)
im only 17 .. so the girl is mine ^^
The first two got a nice feel about them. The second one is really nice with the dried out colors :p
And for the cleavage haters inhere: how can you not photograph those in an outfit like that oO
I prefer brunettes np
She's not bad tho

Nice pics Mr. SpindelmanneN

Edit: ok only l
I like its nicee
i like the 1st and 2nd. 3rd reminds me on blairwitchproject
zeh girl > pics (imo) (very nice pics btw :D-)

I wouldnt take pics, but bang her so hard wtf
nigga plz hardcore olny
n1ce :)))
NuggaN's mum looks hot.
nice, btw sweden <3<3<3<3<3
estonian girls > swedis girls
I would prefer to rapemurder her, give me her adress!
thats why I want to visit stockholm :<
Which Cam/Lens were u using? 3rd one might look way better with a ~17-85mm lens to get the... what's the english word... ? like... more fov! Not speaking bout a fisheye tho...
panoramic/panorama ?
nice work m8 :}}
EDIT: girl is only 17 btw :O!

Who cares, she is hawt. <3
nice (the pictures aswell ;) )
2nd pic looks rly nice :)
lol nice ! :)
give me the girl i give you my pr0 digital camera xD
nice nugget
i thought u go Diablo2 pro and not photo pro ? :D

but yeah it looks fucking nice, especially the girl :)
1st of all, you have a girlfriend!
and 2nd, nuggan is not going diablo2 pro :D
(español) vaya jamborra
man ... deutsche frauen sind so hässlich :(
russische frauen ftw!!!! =D
Undra om han fick se lite troskanter :S

BTW: Vilken årgång är hon född? Har ingen mödomshinna från nån 91:a ännu!!!
fuckin childporn pedo...
go die in hell kanker!
can i ask you what the links at the bottom of the pics has to do with nuggan?:P
Funny how you are the first too notice :D
we thought for sure we would be busted within the first 10 replies.

Nuggan had the chance to photoshoot this girl though, but when he said he wasnt pro, she denied him LOL!
lol \o/
everyone else are too horny to notice tbh
Fick du nå fitta efter det där då?
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