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Hello lovely Community,

the roots of p5 has decided to concentrate once more on ET. In short this means p5.UrT goes p5.ET - but be careful. We are uberlow ;)
To take care of any misunderstandings, we are NOT butchji & co and we're still far away to get into the range of their skill level.
Our team includes players who have already played ET, but have become some kind of famous in other games. In other words, we got experienced through games like Q3, CS and Bf42 but haven't come much around in ET. We got aim, but not the needed know-how to succeed here.
Our last game we were playing together is the q3 mod "Urbanterror".

First of all we are looking for 2 players who have enough time to play and train with the team and also got the know-how to teach our bunch of noobs (!) the needed knowledge about tactics, positions etc.

To put all in a nutshell this means the perfect solution would be 1 or 2 players, who are mid to highskilled, can count at least 18 years of living, got good english or german skills and have enough time.

I don't expect to find many highskilled people to spend their time by coaching a new team into ET but it would be a great start and it's just a try! ;-)
do you like big boobs?
nice to see some kwak trii players :o)
mid to high "OK"
cool :] gl
why would somebody with a med+ skill do that :'(
real or crossfire skill?
Well as I wrote, I don't expect anybody to do this :-)

But there are always some players out, that only want to play and don't want to be leet anymore :)
Good luck :o)
help them, its really leet if you can add p5 to your ex-clan list
ph4ge: don't act that arrogant, what's the matter? it's only a try and in the worse case we do it on our own.
I don't think he was arrogant, he was rather serious.
and kinda retarded aswell...

they're just asking for people who can help them to learn more about ET. Whats the problem?
It is leet to have p5 as ex-clans, its a fact.
He just stated that fact, nothing retarded about that.
its totally phatetic to do that just cause to get p5 in the ex-clanlist imo
Im sure he didnt mean to do it JUST by that, but that as a good reason. =P
reply button known to you? :p

gl btw
is the 'ji' behind the nick still that trendy?
it's just for some time, my usual nick is demex :)
demji try to use the "Reply" button if you want to say something to someone.
If you do so, the person will get a private message that you replied to him.
nice 1
coming from a dead game, joining another dead game
pumu, letz play negev :P

but in UrT i can count the remaining teams at 1 hand and in ET not. for new games i am not going to spend any money on a new computer :) need that money to study..
whats the wage?
gL p5 :o
It's pretty useless to join ET now as the community will move to ET:QW more and more. And it requires too much time and pracctice to get skilled in ET.
menso, this could be. But i rather move to a game that works smooth on my computer and that's more active as my last..

there's still a chance that enough teams remain :) QW doesn't run really smooth here, it's like a dia show.
thats the problem with et
?almost? the whole community consists of retards and cheaters/laggers

and it'll be dead soon (summer, etqw...)
well then, if this happens we have to change too. but i don't want to have a break till then :)
What made you even think that the ET community would move to ET:QW? And whats wrong with playing a game even if your chances of getting skilled are small? 99% of the people play for fun.
It soundes as they would want to make it to the highest competition level. And it's not worth to invest so much time & pracctice to get on this level, if there isn't a big scene with important cups, price money etc. But it can be that I got it in a wrong way.
But getting better can also be fun. Competitive people getting the most fun out of getting better at something, no matter what it is.
Nothing bad about that. I just understood the text as they want to get on the "highest" competion level. And that wouldn't be recommendable as there won't be a serious competition level for a long time anymore, especially when they will get really skilled.
Yes sure, but I think you overrate ET:QW a bit, atleast youre way to early with your "ET is dead now when QW is here", the hype havent been THAT big. We've survived q4, warsow, cs:source, cod2, cod3(?) and bf2042 or whatever its called.
Yes but it was never comparable neither a big hype like the et:qw hype. I think the time arrived that the community will switch step by step. But we will see. :)
hallo demji :_>
hallo weak :_>
adi? adi isn't in our lineup
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