Cannes, here I come


In 10 hours i'm driving to France Cannes for a 10 day holiday trip with 6 mates!
It'll be a long trip (1250 km) but at least the weather will be better than the shitweather over Belgium here the last few weeks :/

We don't have any preparations, no bookings, no information so just on the wild side with 1 big tent & 2 cars full of luggage, we'll see...

Keep on refreshing xfire (some nice news is upcoming) & cya in 10 days!
Sun, sea, wine & beer, here I come! Have a good night!

wanna travel too :<
I love it when admins advertise their own site

edit : hf @ cannes, was there 2 months ago :>
the weather in france is not so good as you think, even for this upcoming week if nothing changes... hf anyway, and welcome(back?) to france rfki :P.
hf m8...

Call me and u can stay on my yacht...
hf fiki :-)
rafiki is a movie star*
my friend was there and he never came back, so watch out :<
i'll be in Antibes ;)

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