Ventrilo Harassment thingy

Might be old to someone, but Finland Gaso showed this to us last night... I've been addicted ever since :D

One of the best:

And there is a lot of more on YouTube :)
Ya it's old but still awesome
omfg i got my volume focking high, i shocked like hell:P
lol :d
"a retarded guy from ET or something" :D
haha funny :D
The louie is the best , hahaha
hilarious :D
awesome shit :p
i like the duke nukem thing :D
ventrilo harassment returns + duke nukem are the best
i didnt understand that one u posted, but the one with duken nuken is good :))
Unfair! He should say "a retarded guy from CS" instead of ET!

That made me a sad panda 8<
ohhhhh the one with "The Mask" is so nice also :D
lol, this is so hilarious :D
Duke Nukem forever > all
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