I prefer to answer here because I expect a lot of whine if I explain everything on your topic.

I think you can consider me as a last replacement, as I don't have any EC,OC Premier league experience.
With my team we won OC Div4 this fall cup and I think we/I have D2 skill, D1 would be a bit pretentious.

Anyway, I'm better at LANs than on the net, we finished 3rd at the french LAN just behind one.soldier and a mix with RTCW/ET ex france team, all the matches we played against them were pretty close !

Anyway, in terms of skill, I'm maybe just a bit lower than what you search, but in terms of social, I'm a smart guy, involved in the french ET community since 3 years and I like to have fun ( drinks, weed and stuff :p )

Anyway, good luck in your search, and if you have still one place free till the tournament begins, I can still go by my own :)

Have a nice day
Was supposed to be a private message for Webso, but anyway, nice one :D
I got the message :D
hah at least you have some nice qualities for lans like uber drinking capabilities =).
As I said, if it had to be the prerequisite, I think I could have been one of the best attendee :p
Je reviens, je vais chercher mon dico Anglais-Francais!
ill be there , so you guys can touch me and stuff
anyway,anyway i've already saw this sentence somewhere anyway :P

PS: anyway i'll try to be there anyway ^^
Jsuis addict du anyway :<
gl frenchie =)
or just create a new team?:)
sounds like a nice guy, gl =)
Gl, meme cas en plus low XD
gl kal <3
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