my new job

Lol i'm borred so i wanna tell u smthing.
I got holiday job !!11one. every day from 7:00 - 15:00 , on fridays from 7:00 - 13:00. i earn 2,50 euros per hour.

I'm happypanda (:>) cause i will have a lot of money but i 'm sadpanda also (:<) cause I must get up so early.

Bibuy thx for reading :)
2,50, owned
2,50 LOL

where do u work ? :o
baha 2.50 great : D
He probably cleans public toilets with his mouth. ;<
get up early? LOOOOL that's not early...
3rd world
7:30 -> 16:30 , 1h breaks
6,50 (which aint much, really)
for standing in the sun and pulling some bags up, np4me
I earned 10 per hour. But ok, it's not so expensive in slovenia. ;)
drugs dealer?
Nah at this time I earned much more. Just managing some software for a company.
2,50 DD;DDDD
2,50 :D
lol 2,50 xDD
i get 10,- / hour if i get good tips :p
lol u know the prob is i'm 15. so i get only 2,50. But it's enoguh for me. I can buy cigaretess with that and that's enough. 30 mins brake for hamburger :P
You can't buy cigarettes, because you're FIFTEEN! ^^
in slovenia u must be 15 to buy them :)=
Aaah :)
Lucky you!
not rly. from 1st september u'll have to be 17 :O
18 @ August ...better "quit"
i think that you are pwned xD
lol, working for cigarettes, thats sad :E
I earned 7,90 euros per hour and I was 15 during my working period.
Cigarettes cost more then you earn per hour.
Your boss > the shit out of you
rofl nice pay mate (y)
lol and what do you need to do? suck dicks?
$$$$ blingbling
It's the same i can earn @ the albertheijn xD
2,50euro per hour?
lol, once i was working for telecom in germany and earned 8,50euro per hour
wasnt enough!
2,50 euros per hour. slave work? =O !!!

still, 2.5 if youre 15 that aint muchos
why are u happy if i work from time to time i earn 5 per hour
2 years ago I worked for Daimler Chrysler and earned around 1800€ for 6 weeks :P
what age XD
22 back then :P
but I was only working on the assembly line at night shift from 10pm to 5 am
get that in 4 weeks and you got an avg swedish wage
i get 1450/hour
lol 2.5 euro/h isnt bad for countries like slovenia or poland or czech (east block countries)
ya this countries + slovakia :)
yep i confused slovenia with slovakia :]
don't do that again. Never. ppl from slovenia are sad when someone switch the countries :-D
I believe the minimum in Belgium is 5/hour
Lol @ 2.50 p/h I was earning up to £18 an hour in my last job and I thought it was shit : D
18 £ is a damn good pay.
It's alright. I earned £13,000 in just under 8 months :>
Then you didnt work much? like half time?
As said, I was earning up to £18, so it was between £9 and £18 depending on the days and times I worked. was a 5 day a week job but I also worked some weekends
happy for u :)
morning newspaper > all
I work 1 hour per day and earn 400€ every month.
naiz :o ..but you have to run ... or not?
I just ride my bike deliver like 100 papers and go to bed again :)
You have to deliver them before 7:00 though
oO bike... hehe sneaky ^^
everybody does it by bike :|
That's why we get these great orange bags.
image: filmpje
2.50€ rofled :D
came to poland and see prices, only flats and houses are very very expensive, and that is fukin stupid, comparing ppls income to flats prices, young guy who want live without parents dont want to take credit for 20-30 years to buy a 36-38m2 flat
what does a flat cost ? a 1-2 room here in good postion cost 70000-150000 euro.
2.5 euro lol not even slaves work or that amount of money :/

8.7125euro:hour here for 8 hours work a day here
2,5 per hour :D :D :D :D
dude quit ... 2,5 man ... i got 4,5 :o
at least i would get more money by HARTZ4 if i dont doing anything
"i earn 2,50 euros per hour. " LoooooooooooL
rofl fuck u... i do the hardest phisical work and i earn bullshit and i get up earlier rofl...
good game 2, 50
LOL 2.50€ haaha xD
in poland (my city) 2 room small flat(36-39m2) cost +125-130 000zl:/ (smth like 34.6-35 000 euros :< and compare profits in sweden and profits in poland...this is madness, naturally i can find 2 rooms flat for +150 000 or better :/ in the new building
2,50 Euro/per hour is what people get when they work honory -I´m glad we have people like them.My mother does it.She looks after old or ill people which haven´t got enough money and helps them a lot.Hope no one of us is later in this situation.
i earn about 12-13€/hour...a bit more than 2000€ net a month
i work there for 7 weeks this summer
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