Selling WoW character?

Does anyone know where I can sell my wow character and whether or not people would want to buy it at its current level (lvl42)

I don't use it any more and am in need of some money :>
ebay niggah

good site, check scammers thread for emails of bad people though!
lvl it to 70 and it should be no problem to sell it if you ask me.
I doubt if someone would buy a 42lvl character
yeah would be nice, i can sell you my account 2, lvl 47 hunter with crap stuff and few more characters (lvl 25/30), like a warrior, rogue with good stuff and +- 25g :X
wow sucks ;o
World Of Wankers
lol They dont but level 42 chars :')
just use
step1 sell your account
step2 wait 30days
step3 reclaim your account
step4 repeat step1,2,3 until you are filthy rich!!
Yeh and only retards like you think that works...
pretty sure it does:)
and esp. in Knight Online hah
If you actually do that youre a pathetic little cunt and if the guy that is buying is smart you wont pull it off, but since you both seem to be complete ignorant shit faced cunts and no clue how it all works, hf with it!
if the guy that is buying is smart you wont pull it off

yeah oke w/e
lol you seem upset like you've been scammed before =( you have big big heart for wow!!
but yea it does work, pay pal only refunds after 30days if im correct??
i know quite a few people who have done this
but it was a joke = means funny!!
and relax!!!
as I said if the guy is smart he transfers the char to another account... and no ive not been scammed before ;) still playing :(

And I'm just pissed of that guys like you two give the 12 year olds here ideas and fuck it up.
yea thats what i would do, but cost money!!, I'm not telling 12 year old kids to this, I'm making people aware of how this happens?? wouldn't you rather know about problems of trading than not knowing at all and getting scammed ?
if youre paying €200+ for an account the 20 euro transfer costs wont hurt ;x

And I wouldn't buy an account ever... then you just get the ebayers that dont know shit about how to play their class and people with sick epics but SOMEHOW have no clue how bossfight tactics work.
yea fair enough if you've payed 200euros or smth then yea ofc, but if your paying that much you've got probs, you saying hunters with sick epics who don't know what range is are e-buyers!! never!! but yea sucks when you get sick chars with some noob playing it :(
don't hate the player!! hate the game!!
dont hate ppl fucking ebayers, hate ebayers :p
whos stupid enough to forget that you also need the secretquestion + cd key after buying an account?
lolol 42lvl :o)))

try @ quakenet, i sold 70 shaman for 250USD and it wasnt even geared :AS
how long it takes to make a lvl70 ?
it depends, if you've done it earlier you can make it on week or two, but for your first charecter idk id say like 1-2 month with /played ~15D ^^
Lol. I think a regular holiday job would make more money so don't bother ;p
woo splodge... or / quakenet is where i bought my character:)

btw make a fake paypal and as soon as they send you the money transfer it to your real paypal..
why do i need to make a fake paypal? :o
cause fgts can request their money back on virtual items etc:( and paypal doesnt support virtual items :( the 1 and only time i sold my stuff w/o scamming i got scammed cause 3days later the guy requested his money back hah i know i should have made a fake paypal but idk he was an e-friend for quite a long time
lvl it to 70 & have good wow stuff, then the richkids will buy it. my friend just sold his character and got 500 € :o
how long does it take to get lvl70?
i think i have an idea what i will do after finnishing school
it won't be worth the time :)
you planning starting wow after ending your school? ncye life m8
who wants my full t4 tank ?
sure ill have it
I sold a lvl 58 for £80, you might be able to get around £20 for it, although lvl42 is the most boring part of the game.
try ebay, a friend of mine got nearly 300€ for his account where he had 3 lvl 60 characters (before the addon)
anyone got a guest pass i can have ?
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