etqw beta 2 omfg

just recognized that beta 2 is subscriber only @ fileplanet :<

I'm pissed off, because I sold my beta 1 key for 15,50 euros at ebay :DD
hehe.. owned =)
thanks for sharing your thoughts
Fileplant reports that my hardware is not sufficient... oh well...

create a new account and do something like 8800 and 6000+ it works then :D
pff, i have a 6800 GS 512 Mb, 1 gb memory and P4- 2,66 ghz...

If thats not enough, the game is not worthly to be installed on my system! Do you know what it costs these days to upgrade? :(
i know it well :( just look @ my specs, i'm planning to upgrade, but it's not worth the lot of money :(

better buy a car then :-/
Pc components are very cheap atm :\
cheap is relative
hmmpf, I won't pay fileplanet to test a beta of a game I'm not sure I want to play.. Wasn't impressed by beta 1 anyhow..
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