PC crash

Ok then guys, as u know Iv got problems with my fucking pc, sometimes it just goes down and i dont have a fucking idea why its like this, Iv got athlon 2core 5200+ soket AM2 motherbord ASUS CROSSHAIR and some randow power supply 600, so if Im not gonna have an Et running @ background in few min it can but not always just turns off and if et is runnign in bg its all fine, I foudout that the PS gives to high voltage to NB @ mother bord can it be the reason or not rly or maybe its only cuz of an shitty PS ?? anyone had problem like this b4 ???

Anyway cheers for anykind of help ;-)
You are fucked up, and so am i. I have this problem of random reboots too for about a fucking year now. It's kinda stable now but there are some things i cant do. I've tried alot things to solve it but i just can't figure it out. If this journal wont fix my problem I will bring my pc away to get it fixed.
yee man I know the fealing when you want to do smth and then bach u have to turn this shit on once again :F but still Ithink its cuz of this fuck PS maybe tis just sanding to high woltage or its not stable enough ;F
mm the problem occured at my pc when i installed some new hardware. Then i though "'mm maybe powersupply isnt strong enough anymore (300w)" So I bought a better powersupply but still the problem is here and I threw away some money.
next time throw it to me. :)
yee thats what Im afreid off Im gonna spet some good monay for an good PS and then Ill findout that the PS wasnt the reson of it ;F
Random reboots could either be some virii or corrupt files / damaged hardware.
Try a repair with the winxp CD
Quotesome randow power supply 600
probably this, dont buy just a random power supply, buy one from a good brand: Antec, OCZ

did you overclock? otherwise lower the voltage to your cpu or NB
buy one from a good brand: enermax, be quiet! *
enermax liberty ftw
no didnt done that, how can I do it ? cuz i looked for an option like that but couldny find it :(
i'm not familiar with amd and those motherboards but i guess in your bios. Make also a post on a forum that is specialized in PC's etc
*didn't do
the problem could be your motherboard, since i have an asus motherboard too, and it already burnt out my disk like 4 times
moze po prostu zalales kompa tak jak ja chodze zalany od piatku
by the way pisze pod namiotem :XD
no to ladnie kurwa tak ;D dalej dalej !!
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