haha i stole his accpuunt :D
he is gone for some frstuff ^^ oke crossfire here is my storie

i love you all ofc, love otsspot for keeping it online and hosyting it (who will flame him gets a fucking ass rape irl) oke so i love you all being here at crosfire even hhe most annoying peiple (germans), you are all amasing, but 1 person > allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll this person will knows who and this person willlllllll know <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333
OWH NOES RUN ROEL IS BACK RUN ME RUN BYE YEB OKE HAVE FUN THIS NIGHT and i like you all eevemnttho i like to flame >3
you are not drunk, stop faking it, fucktard
i really care
Ezendam ftw
Yeah... You stole Roeltje's account... Cooooooool...
And roeltje isnt drunken? Proves from xfire:

RoeltjE: bjhhjjkjkkjjbknjbinhjb
RoeltjE: hbhbuhbjhbj
RoeltjE: hb
RoeltjE: hbj
RoeltjE: hbj
RoeltjE: jhb
RoeltjE: ih
RoeltjE: jk
RoeltjE: 1
RoeltjE: 412
RoeltjE: 12
RoeltjE: 123
RoeltjE: 132
RoeltjE: 321
RoeltjE: 213
RoeltjE: 321
RoeltjE: 132
RoeltjE: 321
RoeltjE: 231
RoeltjE: 213
RoeltjE: 213
RoeltjE: h321
RoeltjE: ah
RoeltjE: 321a
RoeltjE: h3a21h
RoeltjE: a321h
RoeltjE: ah2
RoeltjE: 31ah
RoeltjE: 231ah
RoeltjE: 321ah
RoeltjE: h
RoeltjE: 3aH231A
RoeltjE: h321a
RoeltjE: h321ah
RoeltjE: 321ah2
RoeltjE: 31h
RoeltjE: a12
RoeltjE: h321
RoeltjE: 213
RoeltjE: H
RoeltjE: 321HA
Snake: zatlap
RoeltjE: 213
RoeltjE: HA3
RoeltjE: 21HA
RoeltjE: 321HA
RoeltjE: 2H1A3
RoeltjE: HA3HAHA312HA231H
RoeltjE: .
RoeltjE: 1
RoeltjE: 232
RoeltjE: 32
RoeltjE: 312
RoeltjE: 3321
RoeltjE: 33
Snake: je bent zo zat of iets
RoeltjE: haha ik niet
RoeltjE: dat was 8l+a51u3rens
RoeltjE: 1212
RoeltjE: 1312213
RoeltjE: 1
RoeltjE: 23
RoeltjE: 132231
go and learn english, nap
real life motherfucker GO and use it
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