#cup-reLic 10 edition :>

Today (12.9.2007) #cup-reLic is doing 10th edition of cup
cup starts at 15:00 (+1gmt) signups from 12:00 to 14:30

Timetable: info

- First Round - 15:00 CET

- Second Round - 15:30 CET

- Semifinals - 16:00 CET

- 3rd Place Match - 17:00 CET

- Final - 17:30 CET

Maplist: Maplist

- Round 1: Supply

- Round 2: Braundorf

- Round 3: Frostbite and adlernest decider [goldrush]

- Final : choose 1 by yourself decider [et-ice]


» 16 teams, first 16 who signed up will participate, the rest will be in mind to replace any dropout.
» Each round 1 map, decider in case there are 2 fullholds. Pick the decider map by elimination.
» Map is forced, no possibility to change.
» Rescheduling your match to another time is not allowed.
» Clanbase 3on3 ladder rules. Only maplist have been changed.
» In case a team violates a rule, they will forfeit loose the match. If you think your opponent violated a rule, you have to convince an admin with your proof. (So always make demos!!!) and Make sure you make screenshot at end of scores here is example:


Bosnia Hercegovinav0rteX


Contact an admin on #cup-reLic with the clanname :: players :: mirc :: contact :: server on/off.

here is link of website: cup-reLic

Winner gets:
-bnc(for 1 player)
-invite for next cup

If you need voice channel (Ts or ventrilo channel) just ask v0rteX for it.
We need 6 teams to finish bracket so hurry
Lolz too many cups today
mooooooreeee cups
merc avi !
GL v0rtex teh pr0
jawohl noob
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