Beyond joins hardMethod

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Japan hentai is the hero of the day tbh <3

#hmgaming @ qnet.
lol who cares :c
sry guys but post it in news next time
just post it in news, some kind admin will delete this journal
gl but...

My profile -> Contribute -> Post a News -> Write&Submit!
reason why i didn't post this in news was - posting a headline about your own team.. is about as lame as it gets, from all my experience as a newswriter here and there i've learnt that it's something you just don't do ^_* hence the journal thingy :)
I news'd it for you
It's not so lame, but np semi-allstar*hentaizZor4jiXx did it for you :)

gl :)
who joined what?
I want say gl but I see its ET:QW! aaaaaagrh :)
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