etb0t !

i heard etbot is detected :)
is that true??
oh noes !

I must hide
hope so
i dun think so
if it is it will get updated so it doesn't care
you doesnt care? ;o
I got self 1 so no I don't care
yes it is, so dont test it, fucking idiot xD
maybe he just want to know if he can still play with it!
dont use leaked bots !
yeh, better buy a bot for 50e and be happy to own with cheats
i still can paly so no imo
yes it is and everyone that uses it will get raped in the ass by a black guy. so dont use it nab :o)
Just as I was typing my "Quit ET" journal :/ What a coincidence.
No it ain't :P
There havent been any PB update today + im quite sure that etBot uses a anti-PB hook-method similar to Nexus. (the only reason why nexus got detected, was because it was open-source, so the PB-guys could find a bug in the hook-method, and detect it :P)
you cant open the hack when there is a new pb update , you have to go to a private forum to download the newest update and replace some file in your etbot map . So you cant be busted !!!
Oh, well.
Ive never used etBot (or any hax whatsoever), so I didnt know that. :P
Also never used it , but my mate ( cobra ) used it but he got busted :DD
We dont have ETbot in cod2 :]
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