My teams' first victory

Yay... yesterday my team, Aarhus GF (AGF) beat Brøndby IF (BIF). AGF was playing in Brøndby and the gamewinning goal was scored 2 minutes into the overtime; it is the best goal this season and it can be seen in the video below (it starts at around 30 seconds into the video.
Good goal, not that uberamazing though ;D
nice goal
nice, didn't look like anyone deserved to win though :O)
Well, the speech in the video, which is unbiased, says it was a deserved victory.

I also think it was decerved :)
im to lazy to read everything

write it shorter !
Aarhus GF (AGF)

in uefa cup this year?
No :)

They just re-entered the premier division, since they were in the second for one season.
You live in Aarhus? I was there once for a school-exchange program, funny town. Big-ass school btw, where they have an indoor swimmingpool and go karting once in a while, if I remember correctly.
Nope, I live near Copenhagen. I haven't always lived here though.

If there is work for me, when I am finnished with my master degree, I will move to Aarhus.
And why is that? Copenhagen seems to be more exciting (from my memory that is, been there also).
Cause I grew up in a smaller city in a rural area. That is why I like Aarhus more; another thing is the mentality and the people in Copenhagen.
Ok, understandable then. Good luck with your study, I still have to finish mine after starting 8 years ago :/
I'm starting my 5th year soon.
Great goal!
Man U lost :-\
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