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I keep getting kicked from all server for for this warning. I havent for QW installed and never had in installed before.

Does anyone know what this is and how to solve it? I saw a PunkbstrA.exe file in my Windows/system32 map and deleted it but that didn't really help 8D.. There wasn't a PunkbstrB.exe file though.

lololololololo format
search the .exe via windows search (both a + b - they should be in windows folder afaik) delete it, and kill the process via task manager (if its running)

solved the problem for me.
format0r ?
k last pic for several minutes:

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download "pbsvc.exe" and press install
Think this pbsvc.exe installed the pnkbstrA + B again. Is that a good thing? or what..
Yep, now ur able to play again

had the same problem :/
still getting kicked for the B thingy
Go to the task-manager and look for PunkbusterA / punkbusterB

if they are running it could be fine

maybe you got them blocked @ firewall or something

U need them to play ET now
it removes them
they are for call of duty 2 and quake wars :'(

why come now we need those fuckers for ET !

they do lots of lags and fps drops ;o

et is so dead after cdc3 :D
otherwise you cant play ET on punkbuster servers while using windows vista afaik
i got the same i just allowed it in my firewall you shouldnt delete it. I got it cuz of CoD2 not cuz of ET:QW(never installed it)
but i also got kicked for something like disallowed program/driver o_O
Try running pbweb.exe
delete etqw
never installed it
Does uninstalling ET help??

Thursday 08.23.2007 [6:30PM]

Version 1.731 of the PB Client for ET has been released to our PB Master Servers for auto-update and to our website download page.

Release Notes for PB Client v1.731:

* the new PB services are no longer optional, see our PB Services FAQ for more info
* the new PB services now support 64 bit flavors of Windows
Ye, now in english? What does it mean?
Deleting PnkBstrA was exactly the -wrong- thing to do, since it is "no longer optional" now. You have to reinstall it. Check http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=pbsvcfaq.php there's a link to PBSVC at the top, run that.
Afaik, the A service is supposed to run always and starts B when the game starts. In the FAQ it is said that the service writes to a logfile:
"How will I know if these new components are operating properly?

The new service components are designed to log to the system LogFiles folder. On most systems, this is at c:\windows\system32\LogFiles. The new components create and use a LogFiles subfolder called PunkBuster for logging messages. Under normal working conditions, the only messages you will see in the logs are initialization success messages. The new components automatically clear their respective logs after they reach about 100KB in size. "

Maybe this helps finding the problem.
"... PunkBuster will need unblocked communication with a running and working PnkBstrA service when the game is started."
Is there anything that could stop it from doing so?
Well I mailed those guys because I'm not the only one who looses a nice stable fps, they confirmed me other ppl have it too and they're trying to fix it, so if it runs nice without any problems its ok, right?
I blocked them in Zone Alarm and I didn't get kicked, atleast not on Cybergames got to try it on a priv serv with CB config when I'm at home
then pb isnt updated yet on that serv, u cant play without the services on new pb

wats hardware specs van je serv btw?
Ik heb nog geen server gehaald ben nu nog werk aan het zoeken en moet nog 200 euro terug betalen dus over 1-2 maandjes hoop ik een server te kunnen huren.

Rick wilt max 40 per maand betalen en ik max 50 dus dan hebben 90 euro/maand om een server uit te kiezen, lijkt me wel een redelijk bedrag toch?
Download pbsetup and update your ET.
Unlock in firewall PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe (or only B, dunno :P) IN WINDOWS\SYSTEM32, not in et/pb. Its work ;).

Sorry for my english ;p
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