ins has lags

Me has lags, fps lags to be precise. Everytime my fps drops to 15, every 10 seconds. ANGERFIST has told me it's to do with punkbuster a and b, when I turned those off I got kicked.

How can I remove those fps lags =o]
vau doesnt care
puu doesnt care
straf doesnt care
lady doesnt care
disable pnkbstra/B :'(
have the same at CoD2 :<
sorry ins :( but the ftp where i wanted to upload the unfinished movie to is currently down :|

its only the first fragpart cuz i didnt know how to go on
download the pnk.exe A & B removal from the punbuster website to remove them
LoL I've got the same problem .
angerfist is a noop
Angerfist - Ubermensch !!!
got the same problem, only started couple of days ago :/
i have same prob, waiting till PB makes update.. so PB gogogogo
nerd, met je hoofdpijn :S
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