Kanye vs. Fifty

Everyone probably knows that 50 Cent promised to never put out an album ever again if 'Graduation' outsells 'Curtis'. Both have leaked by now. The problem is, I can't decide which is worse. They're both utterly terrible. Discuss. <_<;
hop vs hop = flop o:
Everyone probably knows...

I think kanye will lose at least i hope
Yeah, so do I. The thing is, out of the two, 50 is the only one to have ever put out a good album.
fifty is wack as shit jeez. at least kaney can make proper beats himself. while fifty can't do SHIT except sells his ass.
Kanye is a terrible producer, all he can do is sample some shit into half-assed beats. Fifty released 'Power of the Dollar'.
True. He just plays the same sample over and over again and calls it production. However, I think Kanye will win this album battle.
fifty would be shit withou his producers
i'm just gonna quote some1 who, imo, put it correctly

Quotei need to know who keeps telling 50 cent that his rhymes are good. i want to know who's to blame for these weak ass bars fity keeps putting over dope beats. "i get money" has one of the nastiest beats out right now but LISTEN to the lyrics....they are HORRIBLE, they have NO MEANING and are just ramblings of how fity has all this money and you can't have any. it's obvious to me that whoever produced this song had to cut and paste his incessant stream of drivel into bars that are somewhat coherent and against a beat that compensates for his lack of creativity.
it has to be a slap in the face to emcees that actually RAP like KANYE and JAY-Z and especially all the original g's that brought the game to what it is today. fity needs to thank all the producers that take all his rhymes (if they even can be considered rhymes) and apply beats that make decent songs because without them fity would be singin' hooks for eminem.

50cent can't rap - periode. live he's SHIT, even on the bet movie awards live performance, he forgot his first part. this just ain't what hip-hop's supposed to be.
i hope he wins, so fifty finnaly shuts the fuck up, with his wack rhymes (which usually ain't even rhymes lol)
aGREE when i heard fiftys curtis it was like ye k even POP is beetteer
kanye > 50
kanye > fiddy, why else would someone make fiddy claim that he "gat shat narn tarms"?
both suck
i wish they'd both quit
hope kanye wins, so 50cent will stfu or rename to "not even 50 cents worth "
lol. kanye's beats are much better, but he cant rap for shit, shame he keeps them for himself. it makes me crigne listening to 50 at how much he sold out
Kayne raped daft punk :((
Both gone would be great.
Post-Homework Daft Punk sucks. :p
lol sir how do you dare to insult the brilliance of Discovery?!
Actually, I only really like the second half of Homework. :x
Go sit with kayne west in the corner then ;P
kanye > 50
Dj tiesto > 50 + kanye
techno sucks

Lil Wyte, Jedi mind trick, heiroglyphic, brother ali, talib kweli > *
tiesto is not techno, get your facts straight.
didnt feel like dling it :/
tiesto is rock
ahh well then ill check them out
both three suck
kanye > all
Kanye, producer of common....Ez bash
'Finding Forever' isn't as bad as 'Be', but it still is no 'Like Water For Chocolate' or 'Resurrection'.
Well it were both bigger successes, commercially wise, i think. I really enjoy and enjoyed finding forever just as his like water for chocolate. The People is one if his best sings to date i think
oh plz, the only really cool rapper is Kanye!
2pac> Kanye+50
"50 is the only one to have ever put out a good album.


college dropout? classic album...

But I agree both had good debut albms after that 'teh shit iz wack'
kanye west is a great lyricist, and his latest album has some nice beats, comparing to his previous albums. When on the otherside, fifty is a commercial-ass rapper, who thinks of nothing but "getting money"
so, go kanye!
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