I heard that the GET-Liga gets a new Admin,
because in my spam ordner was a mail from GET
his name is kaZer aka...aka...aka..ef'screamer or somethink else blabla
now im wondering,
a new Admin for -200 new registerd users???
i thought GET is Dead?


» 4720 Active Players
» 1060 Active Teams
» 0 Matches Today <------------

Do they think they get the GEt alive again?
or cocaine ego boost with new admin that send spam @ saturday night ?
GET-liga is dead imo :o
eF' still cant take their best days r way since...
kaZer aka eLemenT'Scream isn't in eF anymore..And I don't get what u mean with our best days. :/
ur just a random shitclan like aTs :)
If u say so, I gotta believe it. Damn - brb quitting eF and ET, no sense anymore.

Seriously: We haven't won big competitions or sth like that, but we steadily improve our skill and got a small name because of our well-known servers. Dont get why u are flaming...
u missed sumthing. back in the days when this shit was starting (about firebird-time) u played the powerfull head of german ET (with VP). kinda annoying and thats why some still dunt like u
I have no clue what u are talking about, but it rly seems to be interesting - no, I think interesting isn't the right word. I'd rather use "old".
interesting and old have nuttin in common.soz 4 ur english skillz. just look up the clanhistory. seems like i know more than u do.hf sherlocking
Irony seems very hard to recognize for u, he?

Nvm - I've seen a lot better insults by VP than by u, so u just have to train more to get on the same lvl.

cYa and hF hating.
insults... ur just random naabz man. so hard 2 get?
what an awful read
there were only 3-4 times when get-liga had serious teams / players playing.
1. get-cup
2. get-cup
3. when i played 1on1 ladder
4. something i didnt recognized
ill chose the 2nd option about the cocaine ego boost :")

Get League
is dead (dot) :)
who cares about et
every1 how likes it, cauz its a good game?
and every1 who already got that ET:QW is more like BF than ET and according to that its no alternative but just a way to show how cool u r with ur faggy demo-key :)
too bad you didnt discover my ironie :<
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