Dad Chuckie ktnx!

Quotetoo bad that the real Chuckie is dead ...
he's being reincarnated into a new born

image: chuckiept5
pic by Panda <3
Congrats when your little kid arrives into this world tonight Chuckie matey :)
congrats chuckie, you will be a great dad <3
new cheatbuster on his way

Hooraay for uncle sarcasm btw
Gratz chuckizzle

noem em sander alst ne jongen is btw
congratz :D
LoL, they're in for a shock when it comes out black xD

Congrats though <3
The funny thing is that it actually is "black". His girl is half a filipino.
gratz chuckzor
congratz m8
congratz m8. I wish u a healthy kid
lol fags <3
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