Team Fortress 2 Beta!

Team Fortress 2 Beta!

image: team_fortress_2j

Should have been out yesterday (now its 00:15 CET), they promised that in their pre-order describtion :[

Deal was/is:
HL2: episode 1
HL2: episode 2
Team Fortress 2
+ Team Fortress 2 Beta from 17sep via preorder on steam

for $45

Anyone have a clue when its supposed to be out?
Saw a review of bioshock earlier and that game looks absolutely stunning :o
ever thought about Valve being in an other time zone?

i'm waiting for the release too beacause i already preordered the orange box but valve has time till 8.59 CET because of the different time zone -.-
that game looks promising ,different classes and its pretty fast !
im surely gonna check it out when its out here a gameplay video
Looks like Toy Story :q
Looking forward to this game
zomfg it's so much fun!
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