The Invisible (2007)

imo a great movie. my fav was from the past 7 year The Island but after it i have new fav :)

great story (ofc for those ppl who like sci fi a lil bit)
great soundtrack:

Taking Back Control – Sparta
Wolf Like Me – TV On The Radio
You’re All I Have – Snow Patrol
Stars And Sons – Broken Social Scene
Fashionably Uninvited – Mellowdrone
2.20 Boy – Suicide Sports Club
Caterwaul - … Trail of the Dead
Under Pressure – Kill Hannah
Body Urge – The Great Fiction
Bliss – Syntax
Perfect Memory (I’ll Remember You) – Remy Zero
Music For A Nurse – Oceansize
I Will Follow You Into The Dark – Death Cab For Cutie

Everything great. My new fav :)
Great, I really appreciate your review. Oh, wait, no I don't.
"Wolf Like Me" is a great song.
Oh, i havent look it yet, but i have it. Today i gonna watch it too xD
If The Island was your favorite of the past 7 years, I suppose you haven't seen for instance Memento or Donnie Darko.
Or maybe he just didn't like them, you ignorant cock straddler.
That is impossible.
Yeah, you're right, it's impossible to not like a film that's played in reverse, just like it's impossible not to like tom green as "the backwards man".
I'm glad you got the point.
I'm glad you missed it.
or College Girls XXX episode 12?
i just said my oppinion...
cant blame you for that
The Prestige > every other movie made in this century
Ugh ! so not , i mean its oke and stuff but not the best
realy nice movie from ...Walt Disney
quite similar to" A walk to remmeber ":D

PS: Prestige and The Illusionist <= best films in 2007
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