My CDC 3 Weekend

At 17.00 CET my father drove me to Lint, where Belgium acid picked me up. Then me and acid drove to Lier where we picked Belgium lio and vila up. Once we were with 4 in the car, we headed to Amsterdam - Schiphol, where we were supposed to pick up Sweden eddie. At about 20.00 CET we arrived at Schiphol, 2 hours and 30 mins too early since eddie was arriving at 22.35 CET. Therefor we decided to get some food @ Burgerking. After waiting almost 3 hours and eating 4 double whoppers Sweden eddie arrived! Now we still had to drive to Enschede! Which was another hour and a half. By then Sweden blaze should be there, but Dj Blasse missed his train :( Which means he had to wait another day to go to Enschede. When we finally arrived at the bungalows, acid decided to do some cardrifting at the bungalows, it was really nice, everyone was outside and looking at our car, nice one acidhead! Then we packed out and we played some poker, everybody did a buy-in for 5 euros, which means the winner would get €25. and eddie took home the €25. After that we went to sleep.

Our first game was at 23.00 CET vs Super Retarded Players, so we didn't had to get up early. At 12.00 we all woke up and took a shower, then we headed to the WZZRD gaming center to spec some games. There weren't any good games yet so we decided to go back to the bungalows, to take some sleep before our game vs SRP. After 2 hours of sleep we + Rfki went to Fremi's Restaurant and ate some pizza's. Sweden blaze was supposed to arrive at 20.00 CET, at 18.45 CET I received a phone call, guess what, it was blaze and he missed his train AGAIN. NICE ONE BLAZE! Therefor we had to pick him up @ Münster, which was driving another 3 hours ( to go there and get back). Finally we arrived back at the bungalows at 22.15 CET or something. We were in a hurry because we had to play at 23.00 CET, when we arrived at the Wzzrd center, United Kingdom Adacore told us that there was a delay of 1 hour or more. At about 24.00 CET we finally could set up, but eddie had some problems with setting up, which took alot of time to start, after 30 mins or something it finally got fixed. At 00.30 CET or something like that, we started vs SPR. Which was really a bad game from our side, I still don't understand it, how is it possible that you can't take the objective when you are with 4 guys in the objective room and there is only one axis alive.. (adlernest) :-).

We had to get up at 8.00 CET because we had to play vs 118 at 9.00 CET. We won that game with a clear 4-0, after that game we had to face NR, which we also won with a 4-0. Then after a pause of 30 minutes we had to face tm which we also won with 4-0. We ended up second in our group. Normally we should face Kreaturen, but we didn't because they decided to use the UEFA system, which was actually a nice idea and fair aswell. It was still 45 minutes before the loting, so we decided to go to the city and get some food. We made a bet who we would face, me and lio said that we would face United Kingdom Dignitas, and we were right, we had to face Dignitas. At about 20.00 CET we started vs Dignitas. We played a very nice game. And we showed what we are made of by winning Goldrush (izi bash). After that game we had to face Italy n1ce. We won that game with 4-0. Then me and acid played the pokertourney, but we both got kicked out very early, so we decided to get some sleep because we had to face Kreaturen at 9.30 CET in the morning. But, partyboy's eddie and blaze wanted to go out, me and acid dropped them in the city. Then we headed to the bungalows again, I allmost fell a sleep in the car, I was really tired. When we arrived at the bungalows, we were about to sleep untill Belgium Rafiki joined the bungalow with a jar of beer. It would have been a waste of money if we didn't drank it. Me and acid drank like 5 beers, then we decided to get outside, when we saw the jar of heineken outside, we decided to drink 3 more heinekens. but lio was left alone in the bungalow, so me and Germany Mr.Beefman aka Kuraigu xD went into the bungalow and get lio outside. Once lio was outside, me acid and lio joined the table where Russia humm3L, Sweden blaze, Ireland herbal and some other dudes were sitting. Infront of there was a full vodka cola (which was fulled 3/4 with vodka). humm3L came straight to the point and said, mesq, if you are a belgian you drink this up and you will receive 5 euros. Without even thinking about it I drank it up, even ad fundum, nP. After that I only know that lio and acid did some pure vodka shots, after that I don't remember anything. But I heard the story what happened, therefor thanks to Belgium Rfki vila acid lio, Sweden blaze, Germany kuraigu and Netherlands Ronner & Leonneke to help me out.

Coming soon.

Thanks for the great times, shoutout to everyone I spoke with. Hope to see you guys another time somewhere, either CDC 3 or PGA.
nice im gonna read now, wanna be first then im co0o0o0l
Russia humM3L
Italy n1ce
Sweden blaze

2 much 2 read
but it looks like u had some fun :>
just read the headline and iam bored :(
At 17.00 CET my father drove me to Lint, where acid picked me up. Then me and acid drove to Lint where we picked lio and vila up.

eh :D?
imo acid drove after his father stayed in Lint xD
you forgot that you saw NetherlandsGnomie
I'm not interested in your CDC3 story : <
Then me and acid drove to Lint

that should be lier i guess
n1 drinking 3/4 vodka ! :D
you still forgot on Friday:
Sweden blaze
he got the flag Belgium and not Sweden
nice story :>
nice text , interesting to read :) hF @ teh home
its true that you were crying?
way to go mesq !
put him on his side or he will choke (c) Kuraigu
2 mins later he threw up all over the place :DDDDDD
Sweden Blaze with the water 2 da rescue ;)
Yeh you forgot me :P!
excuses, gefixt! :P
hoi mesq !
nice flags :DDD
care :D
to help u out: u cried after the vodka because decem makes fun of u! np :p
to help u out: if you don't even know the story, just stfu about it.
and to help you even more out: are you still frustrated about the fact we knocked zP out at cpc 2? does it stil hurts ?
a fullhold at tank on goldrush by a mix team also hurts :'(
öööh, why are you mad?! :D
ye, im often angry about stuff that happened 6 months ago =P calm down dude, just as lioco
I just hate it when people say something, without actually knowning anything of it :).
dunno, 10 ppl just said u cried because of decem, maybe its not true :)
Ah, well don't be naive. I honestly said, don't know ANYTHING anymore about it, I don't know what I did, I couldn't control myself. But crieing for ET, héhé, never :).
I think he smacked his head against the table , then he was laying on the ground crying , and then he became aggresive saying he wanted to smack decem's teeth out
No acid smacked his head against the table xD
mesq aswell :XD
haha, only saw acid do that :XD
That doubles the fun :>
QuoteAt 12.00 we all woke up and took a shower

A group one!? I know blaze wanted it! :P
Gij dronken clochard
you took that glass of 75 % wodka like a man mesq!
piss @ snoop his stuff
+ pukeboy
plz don't believe gossips cauz that's not how it went..
My sources are trustable
i saw it i was there so stfu
no finnish flags, cant be a good story.
so whats about the crying story?! is it true?
probably only those know who were near mesq1 at that time, but this is what I heard, yes.
Yeah, it's true! Made possible by Russia humM3L! ;o
bah, i live in Lier!
why didn't u come pick me up :<
lolstory .
n1 alcohol story :x
Alcoholderlerium isn't a nice sight. First angry running around and then crying on the floor..

Less vodka for you next time!
readed it all :)
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