yes. okay!!!!

the best rapper alive
and its almost true after The Game!!!
okhta paleiii! ku oon himas menee 30min.
im still better !
Young Jeezy - i love it .mp3
hes really not ya know, and the game is a wnb dre, hard to even tell them apart on one of the songs on his album
ye soz m8.! but w/e idc the game is still best!!!!!! :D
each man to his own :>
what a lousy remix of fear of the dark
the game - my bitch np4me
ik will bang you hen ytou come to heslinski1!!!

edit!:D if you dont get ownd by your skcool
i will give you a decent haircut :DDDDD
i still got skinhead!:D so np nigger!
np jookerit > all
nice one

iron maiden - fear of the dark on the background :D
the game sucked ass live
lol they both suck
weak just like the game
seems like good rap is dead i can only listen to DMX and maybe Kanye West a little from new ones
Wu-Tang Clan, Gang Starr, 2Pac, NWA etc is like 10times better than this new mainstream stuff
onks joku fifty "silikooni" cent parempi!!

oki i have to edit this shit!. they are legends but where is 2pac and others! its the same really, every1 have their own opinions! can't fioght about that!

have to edit again. can't see shit! soz
even worse..
yes, im just bringing my opinion up
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